e-Bikes Policy

As adopted by club at 9/21/2022 meeting:

The Clinton River Riders Bicycle Club allows e-Bikes to be used on our club member rides in pedal assist mode only.  Class 1 e-Bikes are an example of a bike that is pedal-assist only, while a Class 2 bike, for example, has the option to go in throttle-only mode (motor propeling the bike, and rider not pedaling to propel) which we do not allow.   A Class 2 e-bike used in non-throttle mode is acceptable.

A ride leader (person who announces the ride and takes responsibility for the route, rules of the ride, recording ride info, making sure all riders are ok, etc) can designate in the ride announcement that a particular ride is not to include e-Bikes in any mode and has the subsequent authority to indicate that anyone coming to the ride with an e-Bike is not on the ride.  The ride leader can also remove a rider from a ride if a rider operates their e-Bike in throttle-only mode.

Michigan laws and the rules of individual trails and trail and road authorities may override our allowance of pedal-assist and dissallow riders from participating in a club ride if the route includes such locations with these indications, rules, and variances.

There is a preferance for e-Bike riders to ride toward the back of the group so as not to confuse following riders with indicators of intent (braking, accelerating, etc) which do not match the normal rhythm of other riders in a group ride.

Clinton River Riders

e-Bikes Policy